MagicTweak 4.12

MagicTweak is an application that will let you modify your Windows.
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MagicTweak is an application that will let you modify your Windows. It has a vast array of features that let you tweak every aspect of your Windows installation. This is half a cosmetic application and half a functional one. It allows you to modify the way Windows looks and the way if operates. It presents many features that are hidden by default in Windows. You can make your operative system run a little faster by enabling some of them, but don't expect any miracles. This application will not make your computer exceed its limits. It also allows you to modify the way the operative system works. You can add new backgrounds and add new templates that shape the way windows looks. This application has a really easy to use interface, which should allow you to make full use of the application without any significant complications. This is a multi-language application with support for all the Windows version from the 98 to Windows Vista. Although the gain in performance that you can get out of this suite is not great, it is often fun to toy with the options and see the many ways you can change the way your computer looks.

José Fernández
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  • It has a lot of features that you can change to your liking


  • The changes are mostly cosmetic
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